The fusion of dazzling colour and irresistible texture makes each one of these hand-finished ceramic tiles special. Delicate, smooth and sumptuous surface undulations create an intriguing play of light, bringing an understated finishing touch to both the bathroom and the kitchen. Curves are in – so let the harmonious ripples of the Harlequin tile make your home a pleasure zone. The key to creating a Harlequin tile is time and expertise. Each white biscuit base is carefully crafted and an array of glazes are applied, resulting in the mesmerising translucent effect synonymous with the Harlequin tile. The Harlequin tile is hard-wearing and suitable for use on worktops. With a rainbow of ravishing colours to select from, including four contemporary shades, Smoke, Coffee, Almond and Mushroom, discover the joy of colour and create a visual feast of your own.